Did Janine Turner Have Plastic Surgery? Everything You Need To Know!

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Janine Turner Plastic Surgery Procedures

Boob job, nose job, and botox – there is no shortage of opportunities for plastic surgery. What plastic surgeries has Janine Turner gotten? Sure the actor already looks attractive, which cosmetic surgery measures has she taken?

Who is Janine Turner?

Janine was born December 6, 1962 in Lincoln, Nebraska as a daughter of a real estate agent and a pilot. Instead of pursuing higher education, Janine left home at the age of fifteen and sign a contract with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. In eighties, Turner gained popularity as Laura Templeton on General Hospital. More recently, she played Katie McCoy on Friday Night Lights. Turner contributes regularly to Republican Party.

Janine Turner's Plastic Surgeries

What plastic surgeries are lurking behind the facade? Whether it's a nose job or butt lift, or anything in between, here is a list of all the cosmetic enhancements Janine Turner has done.

Janine Turner - Cosmetic Procedures
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)Unknown
Boob JobNo
Breast ReductionUnknown
Butt ImplantsUnknown
Butt LiftUnknown
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)Unknown

Plastic Surgery Pics

Sometimes pictures can reveal more than words. Check out these pics of Janine Turner. Is there any plastic surgery involved?

Janine Turner Cosmetic Surgery Body
Hello beautiful: Janine Turner easily steals the spotlight, but has she undergone plastic surgery?
Janine Turner Plastic Surgery Face
Looking gorgeous: Janine Turner knows how to master the selfie pose. She doesn't need plastic surgery to look lovely.


I don’t believe in messing with mother-nature too much.

Janine Turner Plastic Surgery ProceduresJanine Turner

Longhorns are unique – each and every one of them is a different color with a different design.

Janine Turner Plastic Surgery ProceduresJanine Turner

The second purchase was my ranch, Mockingbird Hill. The third purchase was Longhorn cattle.

Janine Turner Plastic Surgery ProceduresJanine Turner

My desire is to let go of my ego and let in His direction.

Janine Turner Plastic Surgery ProceduresJanine Turner

I have always been intrigued with singing and I actually started my career in musical comedies.

Janine Turner Plastic Surgery ProceduresJanine Turner