Gemma Atkinson’s Boob Job – Before and After Images

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Gemma Atkinson Boob Job

We all want to look our best, and Gemma Atkinson is no exception. The difference is: some of us are willing (and have the means) to undergo cosmetic surgery enhancement. Did Gemma Atkinson get plastic surgery to maintain her amazing looks?

Who is Gemma Atkinson?

Gemma Atkinson is an English glamour model with incredible body measurements. Her figure has hourglass shape with large breast, flat belly and wide hips. She wears 32DD bra size and weights 130 pounds. Gemma Atkinson has breast implants. She appeared in several movies and also in video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 as Lieutenant Eva McKenna. But her main profession is still posing in lingerie and bikini, sometimes even topless. She is one of the sexiest English glamour models together with Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, and Kelly Brook.

Gemma Atkinson’s Plastic Surgeries

No, not at the minute. I had breast enlargement surgery when I was younger, which I’m happy with. I am not keen on doing anything to my face. I don’t like the idea of Botox, or fillers or anything like that.

What plastic surgeries are lurking behind the facade? Whether it's a nose job or butt lift, or anything in between, here is a list of all the cosmetic enhancements Gemma Atkinson has done.

Gemma Atkinson - Cosmetic Procedures
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)N/A
Boob JobYes
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)N/A

Plastic Surgery Pics

Sometimes pictures can reveal more than words. Check out these pics of Gemma Atkinson. Is there any plastic surgery involved?

Gemma Atkinson Plastic Surgery Body
What has two legs, a smashing bod, and looks sizzling? Gemma Atkinson does not hesitate to bask in the spotlight.
Gemma Atkinson Cosmetic Surgery Face
Gemma Atkinson never needed any plastic surgery, she was already astonishing and a natural beauty. Are the facial plastic surgery rumors to be taken seriously?


"I've grown up with a really strong group of women around - my mum, sister and auntie, and I've had the same five girl mates since school."

Gemma Atkinson Boob JobGemma Atkinson

"All my friends with babies or husbands or full time jobs are running ragged looking after everyone and everything around them, but not themselves."

Gemma Atkinson Boob JobGemma Atkinson

"We need a routine to stay challenged - even if you are not working, don't treat every day as Saturday and Sunday."

Gemma Atkinson Boob JobGemma Atkinson

"My body doesn't look like it did before. It's changed after having a baby... it's not better or worse, just different."

Gemma Atkinson Boob JobGemma Atkinson

"I always have three eggs, either as an omelette, scrambled and poached. I'll serve it with half an avocado and kale or spinach. It's my staple and takes just 5 minutes to prepare."

Gemma Atkinson Boob JobGemma Atkinson