Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Update

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Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Update

Did Jung Yong-Hwa CNBlue Had Plastic Surgery?

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery – Recently Jung Yong-Hwa Plastic Surgery rumor appears. It is common for Korean celebs getting plastic surgery to beautify their appearance. Jung Yong-Hwa is listed among several Korean celebrities who get surgery procedures for the sake of look.


NameJung Yong-hwa
Birth DateJuni 22, 1989
Height5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)
Weight67 Kg – 148 lbs
Net Worth$20 Million

Jung Yong Hwa is one of popular Korean actor joining CNBLUE band. His occupation as producer, actor and musician must be enhanced by good looking.

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Update
Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery Update

Nose Job

Jung Yong-Hwa Plastic Surgery surely becomes surprising news for his fans. His fans don’t believe that Jung Yong-Hwa has nose job. This controversial issue drives everybody curious because the singer does not give any comment regarding the rumor. Based on rumors, the cool musician born on 21 June, 1989 probably has nose job. How do we notice Jung Yong Hwa getting nose job?

Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery
Jung Yong Hwa Plastic Surgery

By comparing his past and current photos, we can see different shape of Jung Yong-Hwa’s appearance. It can indicate that the actor might have rhinoplasty. In the photos, Jung Yong-Hwa used to have bigger nose. But his nose becomes slimmer in his current pictures. Read Also: SHINee Onew Does not Care About Plastic Surgery

That is why people assume Jung Yong-Hwa possibly has nose job. However, nobody knows exactly whether he did or not. Whatever people say about Jung Yong-Hwa, his fans still believe that his look is natural. Read Also: Jaejoong Plastic Surgery Public Secret Has Been Confirmed

Jung Yong Hwa’s Plastic Surgeries

What plastic surgeries are lurking behind the facade? Whether it's a nose job or butt lift, or anything in between, here is a list of all the cosmetic enhancements Jung Yong Hwa has done.

Jung Yong Hwa - Cosmetic Procedures
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)N/A
Boob JobN/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)N/A